'I worked with Lin for a block of online counselling sessions, which I found incredibly valuable. Lin was supportive, kind and empathetic and created a safe and comfortable space for me to explore the challenges I was having. Through working with Lin, I've been able to make changes that I wanted to make and find acceptance for the things I can't change. I found our sessions to be life changing for me, and I would thoroughly recommend Lin as a counsellor.'

'I was introduced to Lin at the lowest point in my life, having just lost a much loved and longed for daughter. It would be fair to say that I was broken and in great need of help. Lin was patient, compassionate and extremely caring; she helped me to begin to unpack my emotions and start to process my initial thoughts and feelings in response to my grief.

Lin taught me many invaluable lessons; the biggest of which was to be kind to yourself when going through such a huge and monumental life moment.

Without a doubt, I would recommend her to those who have undergone a bereavement or loss, it truly helped me to better understand my personal responses and process my grief and feelings within a safe environment.'

'I started seeing Lin last summer after years of silent inner turmoil and a few attempts to seek help which resulted in feeling worse and withdrawing again. With Lin, I found the perfect person to help me through! I didn't dare hope for much, and certainly not short-term as I knew I had a lot to work through, but within just a few months Lin had me feeling like a wholly different person, who is in fact more like the real "me" I've always aspired to be. I'm ever so grateful for her unconditional support and help, and how empowering our sessions have been: despite more hurdles coming my way than ever, I feel more equipped and at peace than ever as well. Thank you so much, Lin!'