Everyone experiences life differently. Whatever brings you to counselling, whatever you want to explore or want help with; whether it be anxiety, depression, relationship issues, bereavement, grief, low self-esteem or trauma, I believe counselling can help navigate life's challenges.

Counselling provides an opportunity to speak in confidence, exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviours so you can develop a better understanding of yourself and others.

Our work will always start by establishing a trusting therapeutic relationship in which you will feel listened-to and supported.

I offer a friendly confidential space where you'll be treated with respect, empathy and acceptance; a safe non-judgemental place to explore your feelings and experiences.

Rather than my offering advice, we'll work together. I'll be alongside, supporting you - helping you to make the choices and changes and looking for your best way forward.

For you, it'll be a safe non-judgemental space to talk, be heard and feel accepted.